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Workshop on Science Communication Enhances Media Skills at CSIR-NIScPR

New Delhi: In a bid to enhance the communication of scientific information through various media channels, a workshop on science communication was organized by the Science Media Communication Cell (SMCC) at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (CSIR-NIScPR). The workshop proved to be a valuable platform for participants to refine their skills in creating and disseminating science-centric content.

Anjay Mishra from Doordarshan, a veteran in the field, took the participants through the importance and intricacies of communicating science in electronic media. His insights shed light on effective strategies for engaging audiences through visual and video features, emphasizing the impact of electronic media in science communication.

Mohan Sagoriya, focusing on print media, shared valuable insights into the precautions that should be taken while disseminating Science and Technology (S&T) content through print media. The discussion delved into the nuances of presenting complex scientific information in a comprehensible and engaging manner for readers.

The workshop, facilitated by SMCC, aimed not only to equip participants with refined skills for content creation and dissemination but also to provide a profound understanding of the visual and video features that prove to be effective in the realm of science communication. The insights gained during the workshop are expected to enhance SMCC’s capabilities, ensuring more impactful and accessible communication of scientific information.

Dr. Manish Mohan Gore, Scientist at CSIR-NIScPR and Principal Investigator of SMCC, outlined the mandate of SMCC, its key activities, and the purpose of the orientation workshop. CSIR-NIScPR is dedicated to advancing science communication, evidence-based S&T policy research, and promoting scientific awareness among the public. Through innovative initiatives and collaborative efforts, CSIR-NIScPR strives to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public, with SMCC being a recent initiative to disseminate S&T achievements of Indian laboratories through various media.

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