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Women SHG to Manage Septage Treatment Plant in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) have decided to hand over a Septage Treatment Plant (SeTP) to women self-help group (SHG) for its operation and management. 

The SHG group named UNIQUE SHG selected for the purpose, is undergoing a rigorous training at septage SeTP, Basuaghai and another on-going plant at Rokat.  

To meet the septage generation demand in Bhubaneswar, BMC has come up with a second treatment plant at Rokat (near Pandara ) in the city.

The treatment plant will be handed over to the Mission Shakti Group for operation and maintenance very soon. Capacity of the plant is 75 Kilo liter per day (KLD) which will serve a population of at least 2.2 Lakh.

“While the smart city is thriving for scientific sanitation around the city, at the same time, provision of one more SeTP is a value addition to its livability index. This is the high time to involve Mission Shakti Groups in different development initiatives of the city to expand their horizon,” said BMC Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Singh.    

While women SHGs are involved as ‘Swachha Sathis’ for scientific waste management through operation and maintenance of micro composting centres (MCCs), now such groups are prepared to take up SeTP management activity.   

The month-long training of Mission Shakti Group for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of SeTP, Rokat has started from July 9, 2021 which will continue till Aug 8. After successful completion of the training, a contract will be signed between the SHG and BMC for O&M of the SeTP, Rokat.

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