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Woman Held in Bonded Labor Tortured with Chili Paste by Employers in Telangana

Nagarkarnool, Telangana: In a shocking incident at Mulachintalapalle Village in Nagarkarnool district, Eswaramma, a woman held in bonded labour for two years, was brutally tortured by her employers, who rubbed chili paste all over her body, including her private parts, to punish her for not reporting to work.

Eswaramma and her family had been working in an agricultural field owned by Venkatesh and Shivada for over two years. They were forced to work more than 12 hours a day without any wages, receiving only a meager Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 once a week for food expenses. The employers reportedly bought alcohol for the male laborers to prevent them from protesting the exploitative conditions. When laborers failed to report for work, they faced physical and verbal abuse, coercing them into continuing under harsh conditions.

Around two weeks ago, Eswaramma left for her mother’s house following a quarrel with her husband and did not report to work. Enraged, the owners tracked her down, forcibly brought her back to the worksite, and held her captive. As punishment, they forced Eswaramma’s brother and sister-in-law—also bonded laborers at the site—to grind chili paste and apply it all over her body, including her private parts.

Eswaramma’s husband, upon learning of the incident, sought help from the Kollapur police station. The police intervened, rescued Eswaramma, and admitted her to Nagarkarnool hospital, where she is currently receiving treatment.

A case has been registered at Kollapur police station under sections 376, 354, and 307 of the Indian Penal Code. The employers, Venkatesh and Shivada, along with Eswaramma’s brother and sister-in-law, have been arrested and are being interrogated in connection with the case.

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