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VK Pandian Announces Retirement from Active Politics

Bhubaneswar: VK Pandian, the IAS officer-turned-politician, announced his retirement from active politics on Sunday through a heartfelt video message circulated on social media.

“Odisha and my guru Naveen Babu shall always remain in the core of my heart and breath,” Pandian stated in the video. He explained that his transition from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) to joining the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) was driven by a desire to support Naveen Patnaik in realizing his vision for Odisha. “I have had the great fortune of working closely with Naveen Babu and learning from his ideals, morals, ethics, leadership, and aspirations for Odisha and its people. I am also grateful to the people of Odisha and the BJD family for showering their love and respect on me,” he added.

In his message, Pandian expressed his regret over the party’s defeat in the 2024 General Election. “I am sorry if the campaign narrative against me has hurt the party. I apologize to all members and workers of the BJD family for this. I came into politics only to help Naveen Patnaik,” he said.

Pandian also addressed concerns about his personal wealth, stating, “The only property my family and I own today is what I have inherited from my grandfather. My property declaration while joining the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) remains the same today. Apart from this, neither I nor my family owns any additional property.”


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