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Vigilant Citizens Crucial in Preventing Cybercrimes: DoT Commends Proactive Reporting

New Delhi: Vigilant and alert citizens are playing an indispensable role in preventing cybercrimes, significantly contributing to a safer digital environment through their proactive reporting of suspected fraud communications. By utilizing the Chakshu-Report Suspected Fraud Communications facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal, these citizens are acting as the first line of defense against cybercriminals.

Their swift actions and watchful eyes not only protect themselves but also countless others from falling victim to scams, phishing attempts, and fraudulent activities. By reporting suspicious messages, calls, and impersonation attempts, these citizens are essential in helping the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) combat and prevent cybercrimes effectively.

The DoT has expressed its gratitude to these vigilant citizens, acknowledging their crucial role in ensuring a safer and more secure digital ecosystem. The inputs provided by these alert individuals enable the DoT to take prompt and strict action against cyber and financial frauds.

In recent incidents, citizens reported fraudulent communications involving impersonation of LIC officials, representatives of insurance companies, and SMSs claiming redemption of SBI Rewards. On May 19, 2024, the DoT received inputs from citizens regarding such frauds from 14 mobile numbers, highlighting the ongoing threat of cyber fraud and the critical need for public vigilance.

The Department emphasized that the proactive reporting by citizens is vital in their efforts to swiftly address and mitigate cyber threats. The DoT continues to encourage the public to report any suspected fraudulent communications through the Chakshu facility, reinforcing the collective effort required to maintain a secure digital environment.

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