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Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar Advocates Unity for National Progress

Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar Advocates Unity for National Progress

Jaipur:  The Vice-President of India, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, addressed newly elected Members of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly in Jaipur today, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all legislators to work together beyond party lines for the progress of the nation. Recognizing the pivotal role of the Legislature in maintaining balance among State organs, including the Executive and Judiciary, the Vice-President underscored its significance in ensuring the nation’s advancement.

Cautioning against deliberate disruption tactics, Shri Dhankhar highlighted their short-lived impact, leading to missed opportunities to hold the Government accountable in the House. He urged members to refrain from taking public grievances to the streets and emphasized the importance of addressing issues within the legislative framework.

Referring to the Opposition as the ‘spinal strength’ of the House, the Vice-President encouraged recognizing diverse perspectives as contributions to public welfare rather than points of conflict. He stressed the paramount importance of national interest over political considerations, calling on political parties to respect the non-partisanship of the Presiding Officer and allow representatives to freely express their viewpoints.

Appealing to legislators to emulate the Constituent Assembly’s commitment to ‘dialogue, debate, discussion, and deliberation’ as the foundation of parliamentary democracy, Shri Dhankhar praised India’s progress across domains. He acknowledged the role of legislators and citizens alike, emphasizing the need for cooperation between people’s representatives and civil servants to propel the country forward.

Highlighting illustrations in the Constitution, the Vice-President drew attention to depictions of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman in the Fundamental Rights section, and Lord Krishna imparting wisdom to Arjuna in the Directive Principles of State Policy. Expressing surprise that such vital sections are often overlooked, Shri Dhankhar urged bringing these aspects to the public’s attention.

Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Bhajanlal Sharma, Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Shri Vasudev Devnani, and members of Parliament were among the dignitaries present on the occasion.

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