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Usha Padhee Assumes Role as Principal Secretary of H&UD Department

Bhubaneswar:  Usha Padhee officially assumed her duties as Principal Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development (H&UD) Department. Shortly after taking charge, she engaged with senior officers of the department, outlining her vision and strategic direction for its future.

During the discussion, Padhee emphasized the department’s prestigious national reputation and articulated a clear path forward. Highlighting the importance of teamwork, she stressed that the department must operate cohesively as “Team Urban,” moving away from individual efforts to collective action. She underscored the necessity of strategic, futuristic planning to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in urban development.

“It is imperative that we harness the collective strength of our team to build upon the stellar reputation our department has earned,” said Padhee. “By adopting a forward-thinking approach and strategically planning our initiatives, we can effectively steer the department towards achieving its goals.”

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