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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Initiates Infrastructure Boost in Jharkhand with Rs 2500 Crore National Highway Projects

Khunti, Jharkhand: Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has taken a significant step towards fostering the development of Jharkhand by laying the foundation stone for two National Highway projects, collectively valued at over Rs 2500 crore. T

Through a virtual event, Nitin Gadkari emphasized the importance of these projects in enhancing the state’s infrastructure and overall economic growth. The initiatives include the construction of a 4-lane stretch from Tupudana to Kundiabartoli (including Khunti bypass) and the widening and upgradation of the Bero to Khunti section.

The construction of the Bero to Khunti section is expected to alleviate traffic congestion, providing a significant boost to the development of the surrounding areas. Additionally, the Khunti Bypass will streamline the transportation of local products to markets, fostering economic and social development in the region.

Gadkari highlighted the multifaceted benefits of these projects, including time and fuel savings, leading to reduced pollution. The implementation of modern and high-quality roads will ensure seamless and safe transportation, encouraging economic activities and creating opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in the region.

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