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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Announces Key Infrastructural Projects in Tamil Nadu

New Delhi: Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, shared crucial developments in Tamil Nadu, highlighting substantial allocations for two major road infrastructure projects.

In a recent post, Nitin Gadkari revealed that an allocation of Rs. 1376.10 crore has been approved for the widening of the existing 2-Lane Paved Shoulder from Tiruvallur to the Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh border section of National Highway-716. This ambitious project aims to transform the current 2-lane configuration into a 4-lane highway with paved shoulders, covering a stretch of 43.95 km under Package-1. The development is a significant step towards establishing a fully access-controlled corridor, enhancing connectivity between the sacred cities of Tiruthani and Tirupathi in Thiruvallur district.

In another post, the Union Minister announced an allocation of Rs. 905.00 crore for enhancing the alignment of the 6.6 km long Thoppur Ghat Section of National Highway in Dharmapuri & Salem districts. This specific segment, known for its challenging terrain, has faced issues such as sharp S-curves with a radius as low as 110m, contributing to accidents. The proposed improvements include the construction of an elevated corridor/viaduct on the left-hand side, aiming to mitigate accidents on this critical stretch of National Highway-44. This section is a vital part of the Bengaluru – Kanyakumari corridor, forming a crucial link in the North-South corridor in Tamil Nadu.

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