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Union Cabinet Approves National Forensic Infrastructure Enhancement Scheme

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today approved the proposal of the Ministry of Home Affairs for the Central Sector Scheme “National Forensic Infrastructure Enhancement Scheme (NFIES)” with a total financial outlay of Rs. 2254.43 crore for the period from 2024-25 to 2028-29. The financial provisions for this scheme will be allocated by the Ministry of Home Affairs from its own budget.

The scheme includes the following key components:

  1. Establishment of Campuses of the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU): The scheme aims to establish new campuses of NFSU across the country to bolster the educational infrastructure for forensic sciences.
  2. Establishment of Central Forensic Science Laboratories (CFSLs): New CFSLs will be set up in strategic locations to enhance the forensic examination capabilities and reduce workload on existing laboratories.
  3. Enhancement of existing infrastructure of the Delhi Campus of NFSU: The scheme also focuses on upgrading the infrastructure of the Delhi campus of NFSU to meet modern educational and research standards in forensic sciences.

The Government of India has prioritized the development of an effective criminal justice system based on scientific and timely forensic examination of evidence. The NFIES is designed to meet the growing demand for forensic investigations, especially with the enactment of new criminal laws mandating forensic investigation for serious offences.

One of the critical objectives of NFIES is to address the shortage of trained forensic professionals in Forensic Science Laboratories (FSLs) across the country. The scheme recognizes the necessity of high-quality forensic professionals to ensure scientific examination of evidence, thereby contributing to efficient criminal investigations and trials.

With an anticipated increase in the workload of forensic laboratories due to legislative mandates and evolving crime patterns, the establishment of new NFSU campuses and CFSLs is crucial. These initiatives will not only reduce the case load and pendency in forensic laboratories but also align with the government’s objective of achieving a high conviction rate exceeding 90%.

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