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Tripura to Plant 15 Lakh Saplings to Boost Forest Cover

Agartala: In a significant initiative to enhance Tripura’s green cover, the Forest Department announced plans to plant 15 lakh saplings of various species in phases across the state, Tripura’s Forest Minister Animesh Debbarma revealed on Monday.

Minister Debbarma outlined the ambitious project, stating that the planting will occur in multiple phases, with an initial target of five lakh saplings to be planted in a single day during the first week of July. Subsequent phases will see the plantation of an additional 10 lakh saplings, bolstering the state’s efforts towards environmental conservation and combating climate change.

Tripura currently boasts a forest cover exceeding 62 percent, a commendable figure compared to other states in the country. Minister Debbarma emphasized the state’s commitment to further expanding this green expanse to address the challenges posed by climate change.

“We are dedicated to augmenting Tripura’s forest cover to mitigate the impacts of climate change,” Minister Debbarma asserted during his interaction with the media, underscoring the importance of proactive measures in environmental preservation.

Extending an invitation to citizens, organizations, and clubs to actively participate in the mega tree plantation drive, Minister Debbarma expressed the government’s intent to engage all stakeholders in this crucial endeavor. He emphasized the collective responsibility in nurturing and safeguarding the state’s natural resources for future generations.

Acknowledging the necessity of balance between development projects and environmental conservation, Minister Debbarma assured that despite the demands of infrastructure expansion, the Forest Department remains steadfast in its commitment to replenishing and expanding Tripura’s green cover through strategic tree plantations.

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