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Tri-service Conference ‘Parivartan Chintan’ Focuses on Jointness and Integration in Armed Forces

New Delhi: The Tri-service Conference, ‘Parivartan Chintan,’ convened in the capital today, marked a pivotal moment in the trajectory of India’s armed forces. The conference, designed as a platform for brainstorming and idea incubation, aimed to foster new initiatives and reforms to propel jointness and integration within the armed forces. Jointness and Integration stand as the pillars of transformation, guiding the Indian Armed Forces towards readiness for the future.

Chief of Defence Staff, General Anil Chauhan, set the tone for the conference, emphasizing the imperative of developing a Joint Culture that harnesses the strengths of each service while fostering collaboration and synergy. His vision underscores the need to integrate service capabilities to enhance efficiency, bolster warfighting abilities, and ensure seamless interoperability.

The Tri-Service Conference witnessed participation from key stakeholders, including Heads of the Andaman and Nicobar Command, Strategic Forces Command, and various prestigious defence institutions like the National Defence Academy, Defence Services Staff College, College of Defence Management, and Military Institute of Technology. Additionally, heads of specialized agencies such as the Armed Forces Special Operations Division, Defence Space Agency, Defence Cyber Agency, and Defence Communication Agency lent their expertise to the discussions.

The brainstorming session, facilitated by the Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff, saw officers from all three services and Headquarters IDS contribute diverse perspectives and ideas. Topics ranging from modernization, procurement, and training to adaptation and collaboration were deliberated upon. Importantly, the conference also addressed national strategic issues affecting both civil and military domains, highlighting the holistic approach towards national security.

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