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TRAI Releases Consultation Paper on National Broadcasting Policy-2024

New Delhi: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) unveiled a Consultation Paper on ‘Inputs for formulation of National Broadcasting Policy-2024’.

Initiated by a request from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting dated 13th July 2023, the TRAI’s consultation aims to provide inputs under Section 11 of the TRAI Act, 1997 for the formulation of the National Broadcasting Policy. This consultation follows the issuance of a Pre-Consultation Paper on 21st September 2023, which received 28 comments from stakeholders.

The Consultation Paper, available on TRAI’s website (, seeks written comments from stakeholders by 30th April 2024. Notably, no counter-comments are being invited in this phase, as the focus is on formulating inputs for the broadcasting policy.

The broadcasting sector, recognized as a sunrise sector with vast potential for economic growth, is the focal point of this policy initiative. The inputs gathered will define the vision, mission, objectives, and strategies for the planned development and growth of the broadcasting sector in India amidst the emergence of new and evolving technologies.

Addressing critical issues prevalent in the broadcasting sector, the Consultation Paper aims to position India as a ‘Global Content Hub’. It raises questions concerning policy and regulatory measures, strategies for economic contribution, universal reach, innovation fostering, job creation, skill development, and start-up promotion.

Furthermore, the paper delves into enhancing public service broadcasting, tackling piracy, ensuring content security, establishing a robust audience measurement system, promoting terrestrial broadcasting, and addressing socio-environmental responsibilities.

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