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Traffic Advisory Issued Ahead of PM Modi’s Roadshow in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police has issued a traffic advisory for commuters in Bhubaneswar because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s roadshow scheduled for tomorrow, aiming to ensure smooth vehicular movement and enhanced security measures.

According to the advisory released on Thursday, specific restrictions have been put in place along Janpath Road from Master Canteen Square to Vani Vihar during the duration of the Prime Minister’s roadshow, which is slated to commence at 6 PM.

Key points outlined in the advisory include:

Vehicular movement on Janpath Road between Master Canteen Square to Vani Vihar will be restricted from 2 PM onwards on May 10 until the conclusion of the roadshow.

Similarly, no vehicles will be allowed to ply on Janpath Road from Vani Vihar to Master Canteen Square starting from 4 PM on May 10 until the conclusion of the event.

Vehicles attempting to access Janpath Road from any lane or by-lane along the route from Master Canteen Square to Vani Vihar will be prohibited, as per the advisory.

In addition to traffic regulations, stringent security arrangements have been put in place for the Prime Minister’s roadshow, with a thorough review conducted by the Special Protection Group (SPG) commandos in coordination with the Commissionerate Police.

As preparations continue for Prime Minister Modi’s visit, commuters and residents are advised to plan their travel accordingly, taking into account the temporary traffic restrictions and heightened security measures in the vicinity of the event.

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