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TPCODL Urges Responsible Electricity Usage Amidst Peak Summer Season

Bhubaneswar: With the onset of the peak summer season, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), a joint venture of Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, is emphasizing the importance of efficient electricity usage to tackle the surge in power demand.

As temperatures rise, the demand for electricity surges, leading to various challenges such as fuse blowing, cable and joint failures, and transformer overloading. These issues often result in power interruptions and inconvenience for consumers. Moreover, unauthorized hooking from power lines exacerbates the strain on the electrical network, creating safety hazards and increasing the risk of breakdowns.

TPCODL underscores that unauthorized hooking is not only illegal under Section 135 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1956, but also poses significant risks to public safety and causes losses to the community.

In response to these challenges, TPCODL is urging consumers to exercise prudence and responsibility in their electricity consumption. Consumers are encouraged to prioritize essential usage, avoid wastage, and embrace energy-efficient practices to alleviate pressure on the grid.

The company appeals to consumers to refrain from any unauthorized activities related to electricity consumption and to join hands in upholding electricity regulations and safeguarding the community. TPCODL emphasizes that cooperation from consumers is invaluable in ensuring a stable power supply for everyone.

Amidst the peak summer season, TPCODL reaffirms its commitment to providing reliable electricity services and calls for collective efforts to promote responsible electricity usage for the well-being of all.

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