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Tiger Spotted in Odisha’s Sundergarh District After Two Decades

Bhubaneswar: Good news for wildlife enthusiasts, a tiger has been spotted in Odisha’s Sundergarh district after nearly two decades, according to Susanta Nanda, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) and Chief Wildlife Warden.

The rare sighting was confirmed through camera traps, capturing the majestic animal in Sundergarh District. Nanda shared the news on his social media platform, stating that the tiger’s presence marks a notable event in the region’s wildlife conservation efforts.

The Tiger Cell of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has verified the sighting and confirmed that the tiger migrated out of the Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve. This migration underscores the tiger’s journey over several hundred miles, seeking to establish a new territory in Odisha.

Nanda expressed his delight at the discovery, stating, “Happy to share that one tiger has been camera-trapped in Sundergarh District almost after two decades. The Tiger Cell of NTCA confirmed it to have migrated out of Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve. It must have traveled a few hundred miles to carve out its new territory in Odisha. Welcome.”

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