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Technology Development Board and Partners Launch Groundbreaking Healthcare Innovation Project

New Delhi: In a landmark initiative aimed at driving healthcare innovation, the Technology Development Board (TDB) has forged a partnership with M/s Peptris Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and the Foundation for Neglected Disease Research (FNDR), Bengaluru. The agreement, inked on March 18th, heralds a new era of collaborative research in the healthcare sector. Under this agreement, the Board has sanctioned a grant of ₹75 Lakhs towards the project “ANAGRANINF – Development of a Novel Class of Antibiotics Against Gram-Negative Bacterial-Infections,” against a total project cost of ₹1.5 crores.

This innovative collaboration marks a significant step forward in fostering innovation in healthcare. The project represents a joint effort between Indian and Spanish companies, with ABAC THERAPEUTICS SL serving as the Spanish Project Lead. Coordinated by the Department of Science & Technology and the Centre for the Development of Technology and Innovation, E.P.E. (CDTI), this bilateral program aims to drive market-driven research and technology development while fostering partnerships and business-led collaborative projects between the two nations.

The primary objective of the project is to develop a novel lead compound, particularly an antibiotic, capable of inhibiting the FabI enzyme and combating critical gram-negative pathogens. Leveraging proprietary AI tools and adhering to stringent guidelines such as the eNTRy rules, the project seeks to produce a series of compounds demonstrating enhanced efficacy and alignment with the rigorous criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for addressing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) infections.

The selected hit molecule MMV1578564 has shown promising activity against gram-negative pathogens, laying the groundwork for further research and development efforts. Additionally, the project aims to identify a candidate meeting WHO’s innovation criteria, ensuring a new chemical structure, no cross-resistance with existing commercial classes, a novel target, and a novel mechanism of action.

Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary, Technology Development Board, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative initiative, stating, “Through this collaborative initiative, TDB reaffirms its unwavering commitment to supporting pioneering research endeavors aimed at addressing critical global challenges such as antimicrobial resistance. The Board remains steadfast in its dedication to facilitating the translation of innovative ideas into tangible solutions for societal benefit.”

This groundbreaking collaboration underscores the commitment of all stakeholders to advancing healthcare innovation and addressing pressing global health challenges. As the project progresses, it holds the potential to revolutionize the fight against antimicrobial resistance and improve healthcare outcomes worldwide.

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