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Swakalpa Sahajoga II Elevates Nano Entrepreneurs in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The World Skill Center (WSC), Bhubaneswar, hosted the highly anticipated SWAKALPA SAHAJOGA II event, a culmination of six months of dedicated mentorship through the Swakalpa program. This gathering brought together 100 nano entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, and industry experts, underscoring a collaborative effort to boost nano-business development in Odisha.

Organized by Palladium India, the lead implementation partner for Swakalpa, SWAKALPA SAHAJOGA II aimed to empower nano entrepreneurs by providing essential training, mentorship, credit linkage, and marketing assistance. Distinguished dignitaries graced the occasion, including Alka Misra, Chairperson, OSDA & CEO, WSC, Pinaki Patnaik, COO, WSC, and representatives from renowned organizations like Caret Capital, Kosha, Meesho, United India Insurance, Hindalco Industries Limited, JSW Odisha, BharatPe, Millets Magic Foundation, and Divavi Enterprises.

At the heart of the event was the launch of the Swakalpa Suraksha initiative in collaboration with United India Insurance Company, offering crucial insurance support to nano businesses. Richa Pramod Kushwa, Senior BM, United India Insurance, highlighted how this initiative would safeguard businesses from various risks, ensuring their resilience in the face of adversities.

Moreover, the unveiling of the Swakalpa Bandhu Platform marked a significant milestone, providing nano entrepreneurs with mentorship opportunities from industry experts. This platform fosters a supportive environment for learning, growth, and skill development, essential for entrepreneurial success.

SWAKALPA SAHAJOGA II witnessed interactive sessions aimed at enhancing nano entrepreneurs’ access to credit, online marketing, digital transactions, and technology, facilitated by partners such as Kosha, DIVAVI Enterprises, Gaon ka Bazar, Millet Magic Foundation, ONDC, and BharatPe. These sessions offered valuable insights and strategies for scaling up nano businesses.

Sandeep Lanjewar, Director, Palladium, expressed the initiative’s commitment to supporting nano entrepreneurs by providing access to seasoned mentors and esteemed partners. He emphasized the importance of leveraging expertise to empower mentees in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities, ultimately fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

Swakalpa, supported by the Odisha Skill Development Authority, World Skill Center, and Asian Development Bank, aims to train 10,000 youths in self-employment and establish 1,000 micro-businesses in Odisha. With a focus on ensuring 25% female participation, the program strives to drive economic growth by equipping entrepreneurs with essential resources and connections.

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