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Surya Tilak illuminates the forehead of Lord Ram At Ayodhya Temple

Ayodhya: In a spectacle that left devotees awe-inspired, the sun’s rays pierced through the canopy at noon, illuminating the forehead of Lord Ram in what is known as ‘Surya Tilak,’ a divine event that unfolded on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami.

Lasting for approximately three minutes, this rare phenomenon, eagerly anticipated by devotees, saw the sun’s rays bestow their divine touch upon the deity’s forehead as the ‘aarti’ was performed amidst the resonating sound of conch shells.

The ritual of Surya Abhishek, also referred to as Surya Tilak, holds profound significance, symbolizing the sun’s reverence towards Lord Ram on his birthday.

The meticulous planning and execution of this sacred event were entrusted to researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R), who had been tasked with creating the innovative Surya Tilak mechanism, a distinctive feature of the Ram Mandir.

Ahead of the grand ceremony, the IIT team conducted two successful trials to ensure the precision of the Surya Abhishek mechanism, culminating in the divine spectacle witnessed on Ram Navami.

The apparatus, meticulously crafted by the IIT team, comprises high-quality mirrors and lenses strategically positioned to direct the sun’s rays onto the forehead of Ram Lalla at the appointed time.

Crafted from durable brass and bronze materials, the tilak apparatus includes a gearbox fitted with reflective mirrors and lenses, meticulously engineered to align with the lunar calendar.

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