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Subhadra Yojana will be launched soon in Odisha, Says Pravati Parida

 Bhubaneswar: To promote women’s welfare and entrepreneurship, Deputy Chief Minister Pravati Parida announced the launch of the Subhadra Yojana on Sunday. The scheme, which has received approval from the State cabinet, is currently in the drafting phase and is expected to roll out within 100 days of completion.

“The Subhadra Yojana will include all women in the State,” said Deputy CM Parida, who also serves as the Minister for Women & Child Development (W&CD), during a media briefing. “All women of the State will be beneficiaries under the scheme.”

The initiative aims to empower women by providing them with financial support to pursue entrepreneurial activities, thereby enabling them to lead dignified lives. Each woman in the State will receive a voucher worth Rs 50,000, which can be encashed within two years from the date of issue.

The State government has also sought financial assistance from the Centre for the successful implementation of the Subhadra Yojana. On Saturday, Deputy Chief Minister KV Singh Deo submitted a written memorandum requesting partial support from the Centre.

“The scheme will promote women’s welfare through entrepreneurship, giving them scope to lead a dignified life,” added Parida.

The Subhadra Yojana reflects the State government’s commitment to fostering women’s empowerment and economic independence. The financial aid provided under this scheme is expected to have a substantial impact on the lives of women across the State, encouraging them to engage in various entrepreneurial ventures and contribute to the State’s economy.

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