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Smart Cities Mission Extended to Ensure Completion of Transformational Projects

New Delhi: The Smart Cities Mission, a pioneering initiative in India’s urban development landscape since its launch in June 2015, has been extended to facilitate the completion of its transformative projects aimed at enhancing urban living across the country.

The mission, known for its innovative approach including city competitions, stakeholder-driven project selections, and deployment of cutting-edge technology, has seen remarkable progress over the years. As of 3rd July 2024, the 100 designated Smart Cities have successfully executed 7,188 projects, amounting to a substantial ₹1,44,237 crore investment. These projects span a wide spectrum of sectors, showcasing diverse and pioneering urban development solutions.

“The Smart Cities Mission has been pivotal in driving urban transformation through innovative projects that address local needs and improve city capabilities,” remarked a government official familiar with the mission’s progress.

With an allocated budget of ₹48,000 crore from the Government of India (GOI), significant financial support has already been disbursed, with ₹46,585 crore released to date, marking 97% utilization. This financial backing has been crucial in advancing urban infrastructure and services across the selected cities.

However, recognizing the challenges faced by some cities in completing the remaining 10% of projects due to various on-ground factors, the GOI has decided to extend the mission until 31st March 2025. This extension aims to ensure the timely completion of all ongoing projects without additional financial burden beyond the allocated budget.

“The extension is aimed at facilitating the comprehensive fulfillment of project goals, contributing to enhanced urban living standards and ensuring that citizens benefit from the full spectrum of Smart Cities initiatives,” stated the official.

The decision to extend the mission period has been well-received by city governments and stakeholders, who emphasize the importance of completing these projects to enhance the quality of life in urban areas.

“All ongoing projects are expected to be finalized by 31st March 2025, leveraging the full support and resources provided under the Smart Cities Mission,” concluded the official, underscoring the commitment to achieving the mission’s overarching goals of sustainable urban development and improved quality of life for residents.

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