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Slow Down: Speed violation detection systems installed in Bhubaneswar to monitor speeding vehicles

Bhubaneswar: To check speeding vehicles, the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has installed speed violation detection systems (SVDS) at 12 locations the capital city.

As per officials, the systems are fully integrated with the central database of the Government of India.

The 12 locations where the SVDS has been installed are Capital to AG, mid block of Rajpath, Baramunda to Khandagiri, Vani Vihar to Rasulgarh, Sainik School to Acharya Vihar, Shashtri Nagar to 120 Battalion, Near Trident Hotel, Infocity to Patia, Near Madhusudan Park, KIIT to Silicon Square, Nakagate to Kalinga Studio, Ekamra Kanan Road.

Traffic Violation Detection System (TVDS) are installed in 12 locations which are- Kalpana Square, Sishubhawan Square, Rupali Square, Patia Square, KIIT Square, KIIT University, Kalinga Stadium, Kalinga Hospital, Power House, NIICO Park, Airport and Capital hospital. 

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