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Similipal Tiger Reserve to Close for Visitors from June 12 Due to Rainy Season

Baripada: The Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) in Mayurbhanj district will be temporarily closed to visitors starting June 12. The Forest Department made this decision to ensure the safety of tourists as the rainy season commences in the state.

In an official notification, STR Field Director Prakash Chandra Goginen stated that the closure is a precautionary measure due to the onset of monsoon. The notification also mentioned that the exact date of reopening will be announced later.

Despite the closure of the main reserve, several ecotourism complexes, including Jamuani, Gurgudia, Kumari, Barehipani, and Itamtirtha, will remain open to visitors. These sites continue to offer an opportunity for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region in a safer environment during the rainy season.

The Similipal Tiger Reserve, known for its rich wildlife and lush forests, is a major attraction for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. However, the monsoon season can bring hazardous conditions such as flooding and landslides, making travel within the reserve risky.

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