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Significant Progress in Indian Telecom Sector Highlighted at Defence Sector ICT Conclave

New Delhi: The Indian Telecom Sector has achieved remarkable progress in recent years, with several Indian companies now designing, manufacturing, and exporting telecom equipment to nearly 70 countries. This was stated by Madhu Arora, Member (Technology) of the Digital Communications Commission, Department of Telecom, during the inaugural session of the Defence Sector ICT Conclave held in New Delhi today.

The Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC), in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, and the Ministry of External Affairs, organized the conclave. The event saw participation from 21 companies showcasing their products specifically for the defence sector.

In her address, Madhu Arora noted that India’s telecom exports have surged by an impressive 35%, with the country now competing on equal terms in quality with the best manufacturers globally. She highlighted that around 4,42,000 5G base stations have been installed in India, with nearly 80% of the equipment used in the 5G rollout being manufactured indigenously.

“India’s commitment to fostering innovation and manufacturing has positioned it as a global leader in delivering cutting-edge, trusted telecom systems and bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of other countries,” Arora stated. She emphasized that India is open to technology tie-ups to foster self-reliance in technology development and highlighted the potential of Indian telecom products to transform the defence sector worldwide.

Jaideep Mazumdar, Secretary (East) of the Ministry of External Affairs, addressed the critical role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in national defence. He pointed out that ICT plays a vital role in real-time coordination, advanced data analysis, and decision-making in defence operations. “India’s vibrant ICT sector, characterized by innovation and ingenuity, is future-ready,” he added.

Mazumdar also mentioned India’s significant capabilities in satellite technologies and the convergence of ICT with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and unmanned systems, which hold immense promise for transforming defence operations. He highlighted the telecom sector’s expertise in network infrastructure, connectivity solutions, and communication technologies, positioning it uniquely to address the complex challenges faced by defence establishments.

N G Subramaniam, Chairman of TEPC, spoke about India’s robust capabilities in information and cyber security. “Our cyber security experts work tirelessly to fortify our defence networks, shield them from cyber-attacks, and safeguard sensitive information,” he said. He also noted that India’s expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence empowers defence forces with predictive insights and actionable intelligence, enhancing decision-making and operational effectiveness.

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