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Servitor in Bhubaneswar Convicted in Record 28 Days After Arrest for Misbehaving with Foreign Tourist

Bhubaneswar: In a landmark case in Bhubaneswar, a servitor from the Lingaraj temple, Kundan Mohapatra, has been convicted within just 28 days of his arrest, marking the first instance of such swift justice in the city.

Mohapatra was apprehended on February 19 on charges of misbehaving with female tourists from Sweden. The rapid resolution of the case sets a precedent, demonstrating the efficacy of expediting legal proceedings, particularly in cases involving crimes against foreign nationals.

Following his arrest, Khurda District Magistrate presided over the case, which swiftly proceeded to trial. After a brief 28-day period, Judge Payal Gupta handed down the verdict, sentencing Mohapatra to 18 months of imprisonment for his offense.

The case is about an incident in which a Swedish woman, visiting the Lingaraj temple with a friend, was subjected to mistreatment by Mohapatra. Identifying himself as a guide, Mohapatra accompanied the tourists around the temple premises before allegedly behaving inappropriately with them.

Promptly filing a complaint with the Lingaraj police station on the same day, the victim’s swift action led to Mohapatra’s arrest. The police diligently pursued the case, filing a chargesheet just four days after the incident and commencing hearings within a week.

The conviction was secured based on compelling evidence, including eyewitness testimonies and corroborating documents. Notably, the victim’s testimony played a crucial role in delivering justice swiftly.

Moreover, authorities discovered that Mohapatra had a history of similar misconduct, prompting stringent action against him. Recognizing the importance of ensuring justice and deterring future offenses, the court handed down a significant sentence in this case.

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