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School Clubs to be introduced in secondary schools in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: With an aim for utilisation of students’ potential to build aspirations, the Odisha government has decided to introduce School Clubs in all secondary schools across the state from the academic year 2023-24.

These clubs will supplement the newly introduced aspirational curriculum of the state government and it will help students in providing personalized learning experience.

The introduction of club system will also offer a platform for students to pursue their interests and hobbies beyond the classroom. The suggestive names of the clubs are Sahitya Srujani, Jigyansa, Kaushali and Kridangan. Each club will be led by students and mentors will be designated for every club to guide students in organising various activities.

In collaboration with Odia Language Literature and Culture Department, Department of Sports, Odisha Biodiversity Board, Odisha Bigyan Academy, Regional Science Centre, Institute of Mathematics, UNICEF, Intel Corporation, Learning Links Foundation, Quest Alliance, Raspberry Pi Foundation and British Council, Mo School will roll out club activities in all transformed high schools of the state.

Speaking at the 39th Executive Council meeting of Mo School Abhiyan, Aswathy S, Commissioner-cum-Secretary of School and Mass Education stressed on smooth implementation of club system and reintroduction of Student Cabinets in all elementary schools with support from alumni members.

“The transformation of schools cabinet will facilitate collaborative and interactive learning to students by providing opportunities of learning by doing. By using its vibrant alumni network, Mo School will work towards developing communication skills, sense of responsibility and other social skills among students”, she informed.

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