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Russian Delegation Holds Talks with Indian Tourism Officials to Boost Bilateral Tourism

Russian Delegation Holds Talks with Indian Tourism Officials to Boost Bilateral Tourism

New Delhi: In a bid to strengthen ties and enhance tourism cooperation between Russia and India, a high-profile Russian delegation, led by Evgeny Kozlov, First Deputy Head of the Office of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow, Chairman of the Moscow City Tourism Committee, engaged in discussions with Ms. Manisha Saxena, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism in India, earlier today.

The talks focused on exploring collaborative strategies to promote tourism and cultural exchange between the two nations. The meeting, held at the Ministry of Tourism’s headquarters, underlines the mutual interest in fostering tourism diplomacy for economic and cultural growth.

Mr. Kozlov expressed his optimism about the potential for increased tourism between Russia and India, emphasizing the historical and cultural richness that both countries offer to global travelers. He highlighted Moscow’s commitment to strengthening partnerships with India to create a more robust and dynamic tourism sector.

Ms. Manisha Saxena welcomed the Russian delegation, acknowledging the significance of such diplomatic engagements to boost tourism. She underscored India’s diverse attractions, ranging from historical landmarks and cultural heritage to picturesque landscapes, and expressed India’s eagerness to collaborate with Russia to attract tourists from both sides.

The discussions encompassed various aspects, including joint marketing initiatives, exchange programs, and the simplification of visa processes to facilitate smoother travel between the two nations. Both parties agreed that fostering people-to-people connections through tourism can contribute significantly to enhancing bilateral relations.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to establish a working group that will further deliberate on the proposals and formulate a comprehensive action plan for the promotion of tourism. The joint efforts are expected to not only increase tourist inflow but also create avenues for cultural understanding and economic cooperation between Russia and India.

As both nations gear up to celebrate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2025, the talks mark a significant step towards fortifying the bond through the lens of tourism and fostering enduring connections between the peoples of Russia and India.

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