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Robotic dogs spreads Covid safety information in Shanghai as the city faces lockdown

With surge in the Omicron cases in Shanghai city of China is facing another full lockdown. The authorities in China have recruited robotic dogs in Shanghai to spread covid safety information.

The four-legged friends were spotted marching around city streets repeating public health messages via a megaphone taped to their heads.

Shanghai has been struggling with rising Omicron cases, government introduced the new two-stage lockdown ‘to curb the spread of the epidemic, ensure the safety and health of the people’ and root out cases of infection ‘as soon as possible’.

Sprawling eastern half Pudong, which includes the city’s main airport and financial district, have been lockdown since Monday morning which ended today. While, Shanghai’s western half Puxi, which features the historic Bund riverfront, will be in lookdown for four days from today. 

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