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Revolutionary Hybrid Pitch Technology to Transform Practice Facilities at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

Dharamshala: The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) is poised to revolutionize cricket practice facilities at the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium by introducing state-of-the-art SISGrass Hybrid Pitch Technology. This groundbreaking initiative aims to enhance the quality and durability of practice pitches, providing players with top-notch training surfaces that can withstand rigorous schedules without deteriorating.

Spearheaded by SISGrass, a pioneering company in hybrid pitch technology and a part of the SIS Pitches group, this venture marks a significant advancement in Indian cricket infrastructure. The installation of hybrid pitches at the picturesque HPCA Stadium promises to elevate the standard of cricket training and playability, offering players a consistent and high-performing surface that combines the best attributes of natural and artificial turf.

The implementation of SISGrass Hybrid Pitch Technology is a testament to HPCA’s commitment to embracing technological innovation in cricket. R.P. Singh, President of HPCA, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its potential to transform the cricketing landscape in India.

“Dharamshala has emerged as a premier destination for cricket enthusiasts, renowned for its stunning surroundings and vibrant atmosphere during matches. By introducing SISGrass Hybrid Pitch Technology, we aim to set new benchmarks for cricket infrastructure in India. This initiative reflects our dedication to providing players with world-class facilities and enhancing the overall cricketing experience,” said Singh.

Paul Taylor, former England Player and International Cricket Director at SIS, emphasized the transformative impact of hybrid pitch technology on India’s cricketing ecosystem.

“Cricket holds immense significance in India, serving as a unifying force and a platform for talent development. Through our partnership with HPCA and Greater Ten, our delivery partner in India, we are committed to fostering the growth of cricket by providing cutting-edge facilities that nurture talent and inspire participation at all levels,” Taylor stated.

The hybrid pitches, made possible by SISGrass technology, offer superior resilience and performance compared to traditional surfaces, ensuring consistent playing conditions and minimal wear and tear. This investment in cricket infrastructure aligns with the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) guidelines permitting the use of hybrid surfaces in T20 and 50-over competitions, paving the way for enhanced cricketing experiences across India.

The installation process, facilitated by the Universal machine developed by SISGrass, involves injecting a small percentage of polymer fiber into the natural turf, resulting in improved durability and playability. With only 5% polymer fiber incorporated, the hybrid pitches maintain the characteristics of natural grass while offering enhanced longevity and performance.

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