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Red Panda Rescued and Released into Wild in Arunachal

Mechukha: A rare Red Panda rescued in Mechukha subdivision in Arunachal Pradesh has been released into the forest by the forest officials and administration on Saturday.

The rare species strayed out into the human settlement near Samten Yangchag Monastery was rescued by two local residents of the Mechukha town and informed the forest officials.

A team led by Dr Honjon Perme, RFO Mechukha Tanga Murtem, DyRF Marbom Sora, Oyi Taki and  Anjey Komi took the animal into their custody and released it into its natural habitat, about 15 km from the last outpost border bordering China.

The duo who rescued the animal were rewarded as a sign of encouragement for their good deed.

The red panda, found in eastern Himalaya and southeastern China, has been listed as an endangered species due to low population. Their number is declining due to habitat loss, poaching and inbreeding depression.  

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