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PSSCIVE Guidelines for Bagless Days in Schools Reviewed

New Delhi: The Secretary of School Education and Literacy (SE&L), Sanjay Kumar, conducted a comprehensive review of the guidelines developed by the PSSCIVE, a unit of NCERT under the Ministry of Education, for implementing Bagless Days in schools. The meeting saw active participation from representatives of NCERT, CBSE, NVS, and KVS. Various innovative suggestions were discussed, including educating students about local ecology, teaching water purity testing, recognizing local flora and fauna, and organizing visits to local monuments. Based on this review, PSSCIVE will further refine and finalize its guidelines.

As outlined in paragraph 4.26 of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, it is recommended that all students in grades 6-8 experience a 10-day bagless period. During this time, students will intern with local skill experts and participate in activities outside the traditional school environment. This initiative aims to foster a deeper appreciation among students for the broader ecosystem surrounding their schools.

PSSCIVE has developed comprehensive guidelines to implement Bagless Days, aligning with NEP 2020’s vision of making learning more joyful, experiential, and stress-free for students.

Bagless Days will be encouraged throughout the academic year, encompassing a variety of activities such as arts, quizzes, sports, and skill-based learning. These activities will provide students with periodic exposure to environments outside the classroom. Planned activities include visits to historical, cultural, and tourist sites; interactions with local artists and craftsmen; and visits to various educational institutions within their village, tehsil, district, or state, as per local skilling needs.

Shri Sanjay Kumar emphasized the importance of this initiative in making education more holistic and integrated with real-world experiences. “This approach not only reduces the academic burden on students but also equips them with practical skills and knowledge that are crucial for their overall development,” he said.

The guidelines by PSSCIVE are designed to ensure that Bagless Days are implemented effectively, making school education a more enriching experience for students across the country. As these guidelines are fine-tuned and finalized, they promise to transform the educational landscape, aligning it more closely with the aspirations of NEP 2020.

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