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Prime Ministers of India and Bhutan Forge Stronger Ties During Official Visit

Prime Ministers of India and Bhutan Forge Stronger Ties During Official Visit

New Delhi:  Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi hosted Prime Minister of Bhutan, Dasho Tshering Tobgay in New Delhi yesterday. The meeting marks an important milestone as it is Prime Minister Tobgay’s inaugural overseas visit since assuming office in February 2024.

During their discussions, both leaders conducted a comprehensive review of the advancements in various sectors of their bilateral partnership. These encompassed crucial domains such as infrastructure development, connectivity, energy, hydropower cooperation, as well as cultural and developmental exchanges between the two nations. Reinforcing their unwavering commitment, they pledged to enhance the unique and special bond shared by India and Bhutan.

Expressing gratitude, Prime Minister Tobgay commended India for its steadfast support and reiterated its indispensable role as a dependable and cherished ally in Bhutan’s developmental endeavors.

In a gracious gesture reflecting the warmth of their diplomatic relations, Prime Minister Tobgay extended a cordial invitation on behalf of His Majesty the King of Bhutan to Prime Minister Modi for an official visit to Bhutan next week. Accepting the invitation with appreciation, Prime Minister Modi embraced the opportunity to further deepen the enduring ties between the two nations.

The meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Tobgay underscores the shared commitment of India and Bhutan towards fostering mutual prosperity and cooperation. As the two nations prepare to embark on a new chapter of collaboration, their partnership is poised to reach greater heights, serving as a beacon of regional solidarity and cooperation in South Asia.

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