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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pays Tribute to Biju Patnaik on Birth Anniversary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pays Tribute to Biju Patnaik on Birth Anniversary

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a heartfelt homage to the former Chief Minister of Odisha, Biju Patnaik, and marked the late leader’s birth anniversary with words of admiration and respect. The Prime Minister acknowledged Biju Patnaik’s legendary stature, praising his visionary leadership and indomitable spirit that continues to serve as a beacon for generations.

In a social media post shared on the occasion, Prime Minister Modi expressed, “I pay homage to the legendary Biju Patnaik Ji on his birth anniversary. His visionary leadership and indomitable spirit continue to inspire generations. His contributions to our nation and his unwavering commitment to development are exemplary.”

Highlighting the significance of the day, the Prime Minister further announced his plans for the occasion. “Today, on this special day, I look forward to being among the people of Odisha to inaugurate various projects in Chandikhole. I will also address a @BJP4Odisha public meeting,” he stated.

Biju Patnaik, a revered figure in Indian politics, served as the Chief Minister of Odisha twice and was known for his dynamic and progressive approach. His legacy has left an indelible mark on the state and the nation, with his contributions being celebrated and remembered by leaders across party lines.

The Prime Minister’s commitment to inaugurating developmental projects on Biju Patnaik’s birth anniversary reflects the government’s dedication to continuing the legacy of progress and growth. The public meeting organized by BJP in Odisha is expected to serve as a platform for addressing the aspirations of the people and outlining the party’s vision for the state’s future.

As the nation pays tribute to Biju Patnaik, the Prime Minister’s words echo the sentiment that the late leader’s ideals and principles remain an enduring source of inspiration for the ongoing journey of India’s development.

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