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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lauds Sachin Tendulkar's Kashmir Visit: Encourages Youth to Explore 'Incredible India' and Embrace 'Make in India'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lauds Sachin Tendulkar’s Kashmir Visit: Encourages Youth to Explore ‘Incredible India’ and Embrace ‘Make in India’


Kashmir:    Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar shared the details of his recent visit to Jammu and Kashmir on social media, drawing praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister took to X to express his delight and highlight the significance of Tendulkar’s visit for the youth.

Prime Minister Modi wrote, “This is wonderful to see! @sachin_rt’s lovely Jammu and Kashmir visit has two important takeaways for our youth: One – to discover different parts of #IncredibleIndia. Two – the importance of ‘Make in India.’ Together, let’s build a Viksit and Aatmanirbhar Bharat!”

Sachin Tendulkar had posted a video on X, capturing the breathtaking beauty of Jammu and Kashmir covered in snow. He expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality of the people, making the visit a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Tendulkar had shared his thoughts on the diversity and beauty of India. He quoted the Prime Minister, saying, “Hon’ble Prime Minister @narendramodi ji said there is so much to see in our nation. Couldn’t agree more, especially after this trip.”

The cricket legend also emphasized the global impact of ‘Make in India,’ citing the example of Kashmir Willow bats. Tendulkar said, “The Kashmir Willow bats are great examples of “Make in India, Make for the World.” They have traveled across the globe, and now I recommend people across the globe, and India, to come and experience Jammu & Kashmir, one of the several jewels of @incredibleindia.”

The interaction between the Prime Minister and Sachin Tendulkar has not only shed light on the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir but also encourages the youth to explore the diverse landscapes of India and promote the ‘Make in India’ initiative on a global scale. The endorsement from such influential figures serves as a call to build a self-reliant and developed India.

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