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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates Start-up Mahakumbh in New Delhi

New Delhi: The vibrant spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship took center stage today as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Start-up Mahakumbh at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi. The event, marked by a fervent display of groundbreaking ideas and visionary initiatives, witnessed the Prime Minister championing the transformative potential of the start-up ecosystem in India.

In his address to the gathering, Prime Minister Modi underscored the pivotal role of the Start-up Mahakumbh in shaping India’s trajectory towards becoming a Viksit Bharat by 2047. Emphasizing the nation’s remarkable strides in the IT and software sectors, he hailed the emergence of a dynamic start-up culture as a beacon of India’s innovation prowess.

“Today’s occasion underscores the importance of fostering an ecosystem where ideas flourish and innovations thrive,” remarked the Prime Minister. He lauded the convergence of diverse stakeholders, including investors, incubators, academicians, researchers, and present and future entrepreneurs, as a testament to the Mahakumbh’s transformative energy.

Reflecting on the success stories of Indian start-ups, Prime Minister Modi attributed their ascent to a conducive policy environment and a growing social acceptance of entrepreneurship. He commended the spirit of resilience and ingenuity that defines the start-up landscape, noting its capacity to democratize opportunities and empower the youth.

“The startup revolution is not confined to metropolitan hubs; it is led by small cities across diverse sectors,” observed the Prime Minister. He cited examples ranging from agriculture and textiles to medicine and space, highlighting the broad spectrum of innovation propelling India’s growth story.

Prime Minister Modi reaffirmed India’s position as a global innovation hub, particularly in emerging fields like artificial intelligence (AI). He underscored the importance of nurturing a culture of innovation, both for national development and global partnerships.

“Our initiatives like Startup-20 and India AI Mission position us as leaders in the global innovation landscape,” remarked the Prime Minister. He expressed confidence in India’s ability to harness AI and other cutting-edge technologies to address global challenges and drive inclusive growth.

In a heartfelt appeal to the start-up community, Prime Minister Modi urged entrepreneurs to give back to society by mentoring aspiring innovators and supporting grassroots initiatives. He emphasized the transformative potential of collaborative efforts between government, businesses, and educational institutions in fostering a vibrant start-up ecosystem.

Concluding his address on an optimistic note, Prime Minister Modi expressed his admiration for the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian youth. “Interacting with the youngsters fills me with new energy,” he remarked, conveying his best wishes for their endeavors.

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