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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses Summit for Democracy, Emphasizing India's Commitment to Democratic Values

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses Summit for Democracy, Emphasizing India’s Commitment to Democratic Values

New Delhi:  Addressing the Summit for Democracy through a virtual mode, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored India’s unwavering dedication to democratic principles while highlighting the country’s rich heritage of democratic governance. Speaking from New Delhi via video conferencing, the Prime Minister hailed the summit as a pivotal platform for democratic nations worldwide to exchange insights and bolster cooperation.

“India has an ancient and unbroken culture of democracy. It has been the lifeblood of Indian civilization,” stated Prime Minister Modi, emphasizing the deep-rooted commitment of the nation to democratic ideals. He further added, “Consensus-building, open dialogue, and free discussion have resonated throughout India’s history. That is why my fellow citizens consider India to be the Mother of Democracy.”

Prime Minister Modi’s address elucidated India’s pivotal role in advancing democratic values globally, accentuating the country’s strides in fulfilling the aspirations of its vast population while offering hope to the world through the efficacy of democratic governance. He cited numerous instances of India’s contributions to the global democratic landscape, including legislative measures aimed at enhancing women’s representation, poverty alleviation initiatives, and substantial international aid extended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Underscoring the imperative for collective action among democratic nations to confront the challenges confronting democracy worldwide, Prime Minister Modi stressed inclusivity, fairness, and participatory decision-making as indispensable pillars of global democratic frameworks. “In the era of turmoil and transitions, democracy faces many challenges. This requires us to work together,” remarked Prime Minister Modi, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to navigate the complexities of contemporary global dynamics.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi expressed India’s readiness to share its vast reservoir of democratic experiences with fellow nations, advocating for a cohesive approach towards fortifying democratic institutions and fostering sustainable democratic governance worldwide.

The Prime Minister’s address at the Summit for Democracy serves as a resounding affirmation of India’s steadfast commitment to democratic principles while reaffirming the nation’s role as a beacon of democratic resilience on the global stage. As democratic nations unite to confront shared challenges and chart a course towards a more inclusive and equitable future, India stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the collective destiny of democracies worldwide.

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