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President Murmu Addresses 22nd Convocation of NBEMS

New Delhi: The 22nd convocation of the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) received a distinguished guest today as the President of India, Droupadi Murmu, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered an insightful address. The convocation, held in New Delhi, served as a platform to underscore the critical role of healthcare professionals in ensuring timely and sensitive medical interventions, particularly during emergencies.

Highlighting the significance of the “golden hour” in medical emergencies, President Murmu emphasized that prompt treatment during this period could significantly enhance the chances of saving patients’ lives. She stressed the importance of specialist doctors being sensitive to emergency patients’ needs, asserting that redirecting them elsewhere for treatment should never be an option.

Drawing parallels with the adage “justice delayed is justice denied,” President Murmu underscored the urgency of timely healthcare interventions, noting that delays in treatment could potentially result in irreversible consequences. She lamented instances where timely medical attention could have averted tragic outcomes, highlighting the detrimental impact of delayed treatment on patients, particularly those suffering from conditions like paralysis.

Commending the past and present members of NBEMS for their pivotal role in advancing medical education over nearly four decades, President Murmu acknowledged their contributions in enhancing the availability of specialist doctors across the country.

Encouraging doctors to prioritize prompt, sensitive, and affordable healthcare, President Murmu urged them to contribute to society by offering their services free of cost to economically disadvantaged patients. Emphasizing the altruistic nature of the medical profession, she called upon medical students to uphold and propagate the spirit of service.

Addressing the pressing need to augment the availability of doctors in India’s healthcare system, President Murmu stressed the importance of focusing on both quality and quantity in medical education and practice.

Applauding the global recognition earned by Indian doctors and the country’s emergence as a hub for affordable medical tourism, President Murmu hailed doctors as the backbone of India’s healthcare system. She expressed confidence in their ability to elevate the nation’s health services to greater heights.

Reflecting on the remarkable achievement of female medical students, who outnumbered their male counterparts in receiving degrees and medals at the convocation, President Murmu celebrated their accomplishments as a testament to India’s progress towards gender equality. She commended their resilience in overcoming societal challenges and reaffirmed their pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare in the country.

The convocation concluded with a sense of optimism and determination, underscoring the collective commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility, quality, and inclusivity in India.

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