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President Droupadi Murmu Inspires Graduates at Central University of Jharkhand's Third Convocation

President Droupadi Murmu Inspires Graduates at Central University of Jharkhand’s Third Convocation


Ranchi:  President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu, graced the third convocation of the Central University of Jharkhand at Ranchi today, emphasizing the pivotal role of youth in shaping the nation’s future.

Addressing the graduating students, President Murmu highlighted the significance of India’s youth as the country’s greatest resource and capital. With India boasting one of the world’s highest youth populations, she expressed confidence in the nation’s economic trajectory, anticipating India’s ascent to the third-largest economy by 2030. The President emphasized the goal of transforming India into a developed nation by 2047 and urged the graduates to recognize the immense possibilities and favorable conditions available to them.

President Murmu stressed the moral duty of the youth to contribute not only to their personal success but also to the development of society and the nation at large. She urged the graduates to pledge their commitment to building a prosperous and developed India, fostering societal harmony, and ensuring the dignified life of every individual. Emphasizing inclusivity, she encouraged them to consider the impact of their work on people from backward or deprived sections of society.

Expressing her strong connection with Jharkhand, especially with the tribal communities, President Murmu praised their traditions and lifestyle. She highlighted the potential for these communities to provide valuable insights in addressing global challenges such as climate change. Learning from their balanced coexistence with nature, she suggested that their methods could be instrumental in tackling issues like global warming.

Applauding the Central University of Jharkhand, President Murmu commended its commitment to green architecture principles, creating an eco-friendly campus that sets an example for environmental protection. She expressed delight at the university’s dedication to preserving and promoting local cultural heritage, particularly the traditions of the tribal society.

The President’s presence and words left an indelible mark on the convocation ceremony, inspiring the graduating class of the Central University of Jharkhand to embark on their professional journeys with a strong sense of responsibility towards nation-building and societal development.

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