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Prasar Bharati Faces Criticism Over Rebranding of DD News Logo

New Delhi: Prasar Bharati, the government-owned broadcaster, has stirred controversy with its decision to change the logo of its Hindi news channel, DD News, from red to orange, drawing criticism from the opposition and media experts who perceive it as a form of ‘saffronisation’ aligned with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The alteration in branding, set design, logo, and overall visual aesthetics was unveiled through social media posts on April 16, sparking debates regarding the channel’s political affiliations.

Gaurav Dwivedi, the CEO of Prasar Bharati, addressed the backlash by asserting that the choice of color was based on aesthetic considerations rather than political motives. “The color is orange. The logo colors have changed multiple times over decades, and different color combinations have been tried. The visual aesthetics need to be refreshed to differentiate the channel,” Dwivedi explained, emphasizing the need for periodic updates in line with contemporary trends.

While the color orange has historical significance in the context of Doordarshan, with the first logo being orange against a green backdrop, critics argue that its association with Hindutva and the BJP cannot be overlooked. However, Dwivedi dismissed these concerns, emphasizing that the selection of colors was based on their visual appeal and recall value rather than political connotations.

Former Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar, currently a Rajya Sabha member from Trinamool Congress, condemned the rebranding as another instance of “saffronisation.” He characterized the move as part of a broader trend where political identity merges with state symbols, thereby eroding institutional neutrality.

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