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PM Narendra Modi Says June 4 is the Expiry Date of BJD Govt

Berhampur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi rallied a massive crowd in Berhampur, Odisha, expressing unwavering confidence in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in the state. Addressing the enthusiastic gathering near Kanishi Chowk, PM Modi declared that a BJP Chief Minister would assume office in Bhubaneswar on June 10, inviting attendees to the historic swearing-in ceremony.

With chants of “Jai Jagannath, Jai Shree Ram, Jai Bharatmata ki jai,” Prime Minister Modi commenced his speech, invoking the spiritual and cultural ethos of Odisha. Reflecting on his recent visit to Ayodhya, he expressed gratitude for the warm reception and blessings received from the people of Jagannath’s land.

Setting the tone for the impending electoral showdown, PM Modi proclaimed June 4 as the “expiry date” for the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) government in Odisha, confidently asserting that the BJP’s Chief Ministerial nominee would be unveiled on the same day.

In a sweeping declaration, PM Modi heralded the end of the BJD’s era, proclaiming the BJP as the “rising sun” of Odisha’s political landscape. Promising a transformative “double engine” government, he lauded the BJP’s comprehensive manifesto, assuring it would cater to the needs of farmers, youth, elderly, and women alike.

Drawing attention to Odisha’s abundant natural resources juxtaposed against pervasive poverty, PM Modi urged the crowd to ponder why the state continued to lag behind. Emphasizing the BJP’s commitment to translating promises into action, he reiterated his personal guarantee of delivering on pledges made to the people.

As the electoral fervor intensifies in Odisha, Prime Minister Modi’s rallying cry serves as a rallying point for BJP supporters, underscoring the party’s ambitious aspirations for the state’s political landscape.

The stage is set for a fiercely contested electoral battle, with PM Modi’s fervent appeal resonating with the hopes and aspirations of millions across Odisha.

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