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PM Modi Unveils Development Projects Worth Over Rs 13,500 Crores in Tarabh, Mahesana, Gujarat

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for a plethora of development initiatives valued at more than Rs 13,500 crores in Tarabh, Mahesana, Gujarat today. The diverse projects span sectors such as internet connectivity, rail, road, education, health, connectivity, research, and tourism, contributing significantly to the region’s overall development.

In his address to the gathered audience, the Prime Minister reflected on significant events of the past month, including the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya and the inauguration of the first Hindu temple in the Gulf countries in Abu Dhabi on Basant Panchami. He also highlighted laying the foundation stone for Kalki Dham in Sambhal district, Uttar Pradesh, and participating in consecration ceremonies at Valinath Mahadev Temple in Tarabh.

Describing Valinath Shiv Dham as not only a pilgrimage site for India but also an auspicious seat of the Guru for the Rewari society, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of the ongoing ‘Dev Kaaj’ (divine works) and ‘Desh Kaaj’ (national tasks). The slew of projects, including those in rail, road, port, transport, water, security, urban development, and tourism, aims to enhance the region’s ease of living and create employment opportunities for the local youth.

Recognizing the divine energy embedded in the land of Mehsana, the Prime Minister connected it to the spiritual consciousness associated with Lord Krishna and Lord Mahadev. He paid tribute to Gadipati Mahant Veeram-Giri Bapu ji and Mahant Jayaramgiri Bapu for their efforts in forwarding and achieving the resolve of Gadipati Mahant Baldevgiri Bapu. Remembering his four-decade-old association with Baldevgiri Bapu ji, the Prime Minister praised the craftsmen and shramjeevis for their contributions to the completion of Valinath Mahadev, Hinglaj Mata ji, and Lord Dattatreya temples.

Beyond being places of worship, the Prime Minister highlighted that these temples represent the rich civilization of India and contribute to spreading knowledge in society. He commended local religious Akhadas for their role in promoting awareness and education, citing initiatives such as Pustak Parab and the construction of schools and hostels. The Prime Minister hailed Rabari Samaj for nurturing enlightened traditions.

Aligning Valinath Dham’s spirit with ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas,’ the Prime Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to improving the lives of every section of society. Drawing parallels between the construction of new temples and the provision of pucca houses, free ration, and piped water, he emphasized the government’s multifaceted approach to welfare.

Highlighting Gujarat’s heritage and infrastructure development over the past two decades, the Prime Minister lamented historical conflicts between development and heritage. He acknowledged challenges faced by iconic sites like Somnath Temple, Pavagadh, and the Sun Temple in Modhera. Emphasizing that contemporary efforts contribute to the legacy for future generations, the Prime Minister praised the new and modern roads and railway tracks constructed today, facilitating improved connectivity.

Reflecting on the transformation witnessed in North Gujarat 20-25 years ago, the Prime Minister addressed challenges faced by cattle herders and farmers. He lauded the positive changes brought about by the present government, citing increased water levels, adoption of modern farming practices, and the inauguration of water-related projects worth over Rs 1500 crores.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister extended best wishes for the day’s development projects, emphasizing the government’s dedication to both national progress and heritage preservation. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, along with several MPs, MLAs, and representatives of the Gujarat Government, graced the occasion.

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