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PM Modi Unveils Ambitious Railway Infrastructure Projects Worth Over Rs. 41,000 Crores

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to mark a significant milestone by laying the foundation stone, inaugurating, and dedicating around 2000 railway infrastructure projects valued at more than Rs. 41,000 crores. The momentous event is scheduled for February 26 at 12:30 PM and will be conducted via video conferencing.

Underscoring the government’s commitment to providing world-class amenities at railway stations, Prime Minister Modi will initiate the redevelopment of 553 railway stations under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. These stations, spanning 27 States and Union Territories, will undergo a comprehensive transformation with an investment exceeding Rs. 19,000 crores. The redevelopment aims to position these stations as vibrant ‘City Centres,’ seamlessly integrating both sides of the city. The revamped stations will feature modern passenger amenities, including roof plazas, attractive landscaping, enhanced connectivity, contemporary facades, children’s play areas, kiosks, food courts, and environmentally and Divyang-friendly infrastructure. The design will draw inspiration from local culture, heritage, and architecture.

In addition, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the redeveloped Gomti Nagar station in Uttar Pradesh, a project executed at a cost of approximately Rs. 385 crores. The station, equipped with segregated arrival and departure facilities, offers central air-conditioning, Air Concourse, congestion-free circulation, food courts, and ample parking space in the upper and lower basements.

Furthermore, the foundation stone will be laid, and inaugurations and dedications will take place for 1500 Road Over Bridges and Underpasses. Spanning 24 States and Union Territories, these projects, valued at around Rs. 21,520 crores, are designed to alleviate congestion, enhance safety and connectivity, and improve the overall capacity and efficiency of rail travel. The comprehensive approach to railway infrastructure reflects the government’s commitment to modernizing and enhancing the country’s transportation networks.

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