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Phase-5 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024: 695 Candidates to Contest Across 8 States/UTs

New Delhi: As the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 continue to unfold, Phase-5 is set to witness a robust electoral battle, with 695 candidates gearing up to contest across 49 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs) spread over 8 States/Union Territories.

A total of 1586 nominations were filed for the upcoming phase, reflecting the keen interest and participation of political contenders in shaping the democratic landscape of the nation. The culmination of the nomination process on May 3, 2024, marked a crucial milestone in the electoral journey, paving the way for the scrutiny of submitted nominations.

Following rigorous scrutiny procedures, 749 nominations have been deemed valid, thus setting the stage for a spirited electoral contest in Phase-5. The upcoming phase encompasses diverse regions and constituencies, reflecting the multi-faceted nature of India’s electoral landscape.

Maharashtra emerges as a focal point in Phase-5, with 512 nomination forms filed across 13 Parliamentary Constituencies, underscoring the significance of the state in the electoral discourse. Uttar Pradesh follows closely, with 466 nominations from 14 PCs, indicative of the state’s pivotal role in shaping the electoral outcome.

Notably, the Chatra Parliamentary Constituency in Jharkhand witnessed a substantial influx of 69 nomination forms, reflecting the vibrant political dynamics at play in the region. Similarly, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh recorded 67 nomination forms, highlighting the fervor and intensity of electoral competition in key constituencies.

State/UT wise details for Phase 5 of General Election to Lok Sabha Election 2024:




Number of PCs in fifth





Valid candidates after


After withdrawal, final Contesting


Bihar 5 164 82 80
Jammu & Kashmir 1 38 23 22
Jharkhand 3 148 57 54
Ladakh 1 8 5 3
Maharashtra 13 512 301 264
Odisha 5 87 41 40
Uttar Pradesh 14 466 147 144
West Bengal 7 163 93 88
Total 49 1586 749 695

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