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PCCF in Odisha directs DFOs to ensure sufficient water supply for wild animals

Bhubaneswar: In view of the ongoing heatwave conditions in Odisha, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF) Debidutta Biswal has directed the forest officials to ensure sufficient water for wildlife in forests during summer.

In a letter to the Divisional Forest Officers (DFOs), PCCF instructed the officials to take stock of the availability of water in all forest beats and identify the gap areas for intervention by providing water therein.

Excavating or digging up old water bodies or water harvesting structures by a few feet may result in availability of water, the letter read.

It further mentioned, Water may be provided or supplemented to water bodies or water harvesting structures through tankers wherever required. In the areas facing acute water shortage, providing and replenishing water at regular intervals in plastic sheet-lined small concrete troughs in selected localities can be tried out.

PCCF further instructed to conduct regular patrolling near water bodies, especially in remote areas, to prevent erection of machans or hides or makeshift water troughs and salt-licks to lure wild animals for poaching.

DFOs have also been asked to conduct patrolling and awareness drives by EDCs involving local villagers.

The PCCF also directed all zoos/ rescue centres and wild animal parks to have a detailed action plan to ensure that adequate arrangements are put in place to prevent adverse effects of heat wave on animals.

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