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Image Credit- Walk the Wilderness

One horned rhinos population increases by 200 in Kaziranga

Guwahati: The population of one-horned rhinos in Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNPTR) has increased by 200 in the past four years.

The report of the recent census conducted between March 25 and March 28 was released on Tuesday.

As per the report, the rhino population at KNPTR reached 2,613. The last census done in 2018 recorded  2,413 rhinos in the national park which is known as the world’s largest habitat for the endangered one-horned rhinos.

The latest report reveals that there are 750 adult male rhinos, 903 adult females, and 170 others whose sex couldn’t be determined. It also recorded 116 sub-adult males, 146 sub-adult females, and 103, undetermined. The census also revealed that there are 279 juveniles (1 to 3 years) and 146 calves (0 to 1 ).

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