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Odisha’s World Skill Center Students Embark on Exciting Journey to Singapore

Bhubaneswar: The World Skill Center (WSC) in Odisha continues to nurture the talents of its students by providing them with invaluable international exposure through the ‘Student Exchange Program’. On Tuesday evening, the selected students for the 2023-24 batch embarked on an enriching journey to Singapore, marking the beginning of a transformative experience.

Under the patronage of Alka Misra, Chairperson of the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA) and CEO of World Skill Center (WSC), the departing students were bid farewell with warm wishes and encouragement. Misra expressed her confidence that this overseas opportunity would broaden the horizons of the participating students, enhancing their skills and confidence levels.

The students, filled with excitement and anticipation, boarded a direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Singapore, ready to immerse themselves in a new cultural and educational environment. Among them is Itishree Rout, a student hailing from Bhadrak district, currently pursuing an advanced course in ‘Electrical Technology’ at WSC. Reflecting on her selection for the exchange program, Itishree emphasized the importance of global exposure in advancing her career prospects.

The ‘Student Exchange Program’ is a bilateral initiative facilitated by an agreement between OSDA and the Government of Singapore. Each year, 40 students from WSC are chosen for a two-week stint at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore. During their time at ITE, the students will engage in interactive sessions with local counterparts and undergo specialized training in drone technology & robotics automation, complementing their existing coursework.

Biswajit Parida, another selected participant from Jajpur district, pursuing a course in ‘Air Conditioning & Refrigeration’ at WSC, expressed his gratitude for being selected and vowed to make the most of this opportunity. He emphasized his commitment to applying the knowledge gained at WSC effectively during the exchange program.

Established under the ‘Skilled in Odisha’ initiative of the state government, the World Skill Center aims to empower the youth of Odisha by providing advanced skill training in various disciplines. With the support of technical partner, ITE Education Services (ITEES), Singapore, WSC strives to equip its students with globally relevant skills, preparing them for success in the modern workforce.

As the selected students embark on their journey to Singapore, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of Odisha’s youth, poised to make the most of this invaluable learning opportunity and contribute to the state’s vision of a skilled and prosperous future.

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