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Odisha’s State Transport Authority Issues Advisory to Combat Road Hypnosis

Bhubaneswar: The State Transport Authority (STA) in Odisha has issued a crucial advisory aimed at mitigating the risks associated with road hypnosis, particularly during long journeys at night. Highlighting road hypnosis as a significant factor contributing to highway mishaps, the STA emphasized the importance of driver and passenger vigilance to ensure road safety.

Road hypnosis, a condition wherein a driver’s brain enters a subconscious state despite their eyes being open, poses a grave threat to road safety, particularly during extended nighttime travel. The STA warned that prolonged periods of uninterrupted driving, exceeding two and a half hours on a single stretch, significantly elevate the risk of road hypnosis.

According to STA officials, individuals experiencing road hypnosis may enter a state of cognitive disconnection, rendering them incapable of recognizing or comprehending their surroundings for up to 15 minutes before an accident occurs.

Citing data from 2023, the STA underscored the alarming toll of road mishaps in Odisha, with 1,845 fatalities and 2,048 injuries recorded. Road hypnosis, among other factors, has been identified as a key contributor to these tragic incidents, prompting the issuance of the advisory.

To combat road hypnosis and enhance road safety, the STA outlined several preventive measures:

Take Regular Breaks: Drivers are advised to pause for a few minutes after every two hours of continuous driving during nighttime journeys.

Refreshment and Rest: Prior to resting, drivers should wash their faces thoroughly and engage in a brief walk to invigorate themselves for at least five minutes. Consuming tea or coffee can further aid in revitalization before resuming the journey.

Passenger Vigilance: Passengers are encouraged to remain vigilant and monitor the driver’s behavior and vehicle speed. Collective awareness among passengers can help mitigate the risks associated with driver fatigue.

The STA emphasized the significance of collective responsibility in averting road mishaps, stressing that both drivers and passengers play pivotal roles in ensuring road safety. Vigilance and adherence to the advisory guidelines are paramount to mitigating the risks associated with road hypnosis and fostering a safer road environment for all travelers.

As road safety remains a paramount concern, the STA’s advisory serves as a timely reminder of the importance of proactive measures and collective vigilance in preventing accidents and preserving lives on Odisha’s highways.

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