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Odisha’s Mascot ‘Mita Didi’ Earns National Acclaim from Election Commission

Bhubaneswar: Recognizing Odisha’s initiative to promote electoral literacy, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has spotlighted ‘Mita Didi,’ the mascot representing booth-level officers (BLOs) from the state, on the cover page of its prestigious 10th edition of e-Patrika.

Clad in a blue saree adorned with the iconic Pasapali motif, Mita Didi serves as a symbolic ambassador for BLOs in Odisha, advocating for electoral awareness and encouraging citizens to exercise their fundamental voting rights.

Nikunj Bihari Dhal, the Chief Electoral Officer of Odisha, lauded the indispensable role of BLOs in fortifying democracy at the grassroots level. He expressed confidence that this recognition would serve as a morale booster for BLOs, describing them as the ‘unsung heroes’ of the electoral process. Dhal emphasized that in the forthcoming simultaneous elections, these officers would stand as vigilant custodians of democracy.

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