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Odisha to Boost Tiger Population, Plan to bring 5 Tigers from MP & Maharashtra

Bhubaneswar: In a significant move aimed at augmenting the tiger population, the Odisha forest department has announced plans to bring five Royal Bengal Tigers (RBT), including four tigresses, to the state from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra by the end of October this year.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) informed about the initiative, highlighting the strategic relocation to bolster the tiger count in Odisha. According to the plan, two tigresses along with a tiger will be released into the Debrigarh sanctuary, while two additional tigresses are earmarked for the Shimilipal sanctuary.

The transportation of these majestic cats to Debrigarh is scheduled for August, with the relocation to Shimilipal anticipated by the end of October. This effort is part of the state’s ongoing commitment to conservation and biodiversity preservation.

In addition to the tiger reintroduction program, the forest department also intends to reintroduce 810 spotted deer, 32 sambars, 18 blackbucks, 30 crocodiles, and 20 saltwater crocodiles from various sanctuaries, zoos, and habitats across the state to its protected forests.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests has already initiated communications with authorities from various sanctuaries and zoos to facilitate the smooth transfer and successful integration of these species into their new habitats.

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