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Odisha to Add 400 E-Buses to Mo Bus Fleet

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government announced plans to add 400 new e-buses to the Mo Bus fleet under the PM e-Bus Sewa scheme. This expansion aims to enhance public transportation infrastructure and provide eco-friendly commuting options for the citizens of Odisha.

Odisha Housing & Urban Development Department minister Krushna Chandra Mahapatra informed this after traveling on a Mo Bus on Wednesday from Master Canteen to Press Square. During the trip, he interacted with commuters to gather feedback on their travel experiences.

Mahapatra elaborated on the future plans for Mo Bus, stating, “Out of the 400 buses currently in operation, 63 are e-buses. All of them will be e-buses in the future. There are plans to run 100 buses in Bhubaneswar, 100 in Cuttack, 50 in Sambalpur, and 100 in Rourkela.”

Emphasising on the benefits of the service, Mahapatra said, “The Mo Bus service is providing convenient, sustainable, and safe commuting options to the citizens. We will engage in detailed discussions with regular passengers to understand their needs and increase the number of buses accordingly. We are assessing the situation in various areas, and the bus service will be extended wherever necessary.”

Mahapatra visited the Mo Bus electric depot at Gadakana, where he held a review meeting with CRUT officials. During the meeting, he stressed the need to increase the frequency of buses on busy routes to better serve the public.

Currently, CRUT operates 463 buses across 95 routes in the Capital Region, including Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Khordha, and Puri, as well as Rourkela, Sambalpur, and Berhampur, with an average daily ridership of 2.5 lakh passengers.

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